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The case for reinventing IT

To stay competitive in today’s landscape, businesses need to constantly innovate, quickly respond to changing market demands, and ensure a quality customer experience from start to finish. This has created a challenge for IT organizations as they typically are being asked to deliver more value, on time, and on budget.

IT budgets, which are already strained supporting legacy IT operations, cannot keep up with the ever-growing technology demand and project workload demanded by the business. IT leadership is forced to find a way to meet these requirements while “keeping the lights on.” 

Some of the challenges in supporting legacy IT include:
1. High labor costs due to dated and proprietary hardware and software
2. Inability to easily scale and adjust to changing requirements
3. Lack of visibility into IT operations
4. Cybersecurity vulnerabilities that can be difficult or costly to remediate.
5. Lack of easy integration with other software platforms

Infrastructure Modernization can help companies improve productivity, increase efficiencies, and control costs. By migrating to modern platforms that are built for the cloud, allow for automation, and provide for better visibility and control, organizations can streamline their IT operations and allow their staff to focus on forward-facing projects versus fighting fires.

Data Protection

Data Protection

Data protection is the process of safeguarding data against loss, corruption, or security threats.  From backups to recovery, it covers all techniques an organization may use to keep data secure and highly available for its products, services, and operations.

For years, the data protection market has been defined by a short list of “Tier 1” vendors. These well-established backup products support an impressive range of workloads and include enterprise features such as reporting, compliance, and role-based access. While this all sounds great, the unfortunate side effect is the legacy aspect of these products holds them back from truly innovating and offering impactful solutions for modern workloads such as VM’s and the cloud. By supporting the past, they are unable to address the future.

This lack of innovation caused a gap in the backup and recovery market and organizations looking to modernize data protection operations started evaluating newer “disruptor” companies. These new solutions are built with modern workloads in mind, designed with an API-first philosophy, and make backups simple, fast, and reliable. 

Read our case study on Hahn Automotive Warehouse, and how replacing multiple legacy products with Rubrik helped them significantly reduce administrative overhead and simplify operations.

CMC has significant expertise in implementing both legacy and modern data protection platforms and believes a modernization strategy can be a force multiplier and allow organizations to easily protect their most critical assets.

Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration

Cloud adoption and growth is expected to continue at a blistering pace. Studies suggest 83% of enterprise workloads will be in the cloud by 2020, and more the 1.3 Trillion in IT spending will be impacted by the cloud through 2022.

Regardless of where you may be on your cloud journey, significant advantages can be realized by a modernization strategy anchored by the cloud. CMC follows a proven cloud adoption framework and migration plan that maximizes success and minimizes risk.

Some examples of cloud migrations we have helped customers with include:

1. Cloud Identity and Access Management such as Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory
2. Infrastructure migration to public or private cloud
3. Virtual Desktops in the cloud with Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD)

Monitoring & Management

Monitoring & Management

IT environments have experienced a tremendous amount of growth and change – the rise and migration to the cloud, DevOps and continuous delivery practices, Agile development models, and the need to support both legacy software and new technologies like Kubernetes and serverless computing. However, the fundamental need to maintain visibility and control over the entire IT landscape has not changed. For IT to successfully support business operations, they need to ensure application performance levels, quickly identify and resolve issues, and consolidate tools for efficient operations. 

In order to support new technologies, legacy monitoring tools require additional modules, which very often are acquired and “bolted on” to their existing framework. This can create a mash up of software that is difficult to use and struggles to provide an optimal user experience. True cloud native monitoring platforms were built with these new technologies in mind and easily support legacy IT (server, switches, etc.) and modern cloud workloads as well.

Analytics is also a key aspect of successfully supporting IT operations. Modern workloads generate an enormous amount of log data, telemetry, and system output. This data needs to be analyzed and correlated to the appropriate service or infrastructure item. An effective analytics platform enables organizations to easily sift through vast amounts of data, locate the issue, and improve their mean time to resolve (MTTR) metrics.

CMC partners with key cloud-native vendors who enable organizations to modernize their monitoring strategy and deliver an effective operational experience for their team members.

Our Work

Case Study: CooperVision

CooperVision is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of soft contact lenses and related products and services. Their products are sold in over 100 countries around the world.

Case Study: Hahn Auto

Hahn Automotive has been the premier auto parts supplier for the Midwest and Eastern US for over 60 years.

Case Study: Charter Contracting Company

Charter specializes in complex environmental and civil construction projects throughout the Northeast region.

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