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Hahn Automotive has been the premier auto parts supplier for the Midwest and Eastern US for over 60 years.

Problem: Different and Legacy Software

When the client approached us, a virtual environment was maintained for their x86 systems alongside an AIX environment dedicated to a critical line of business applications. With each environment protected by a different software package, costs and complexity rose simultaneously, making it increasingly difficult to manage both products while controlling spending. Additionally, their reliance on legacy software made them unable to utilize newer backup technology such as, cloud archiving or image backups.

Solutions: Rubrik and Managed Backup Services

We reviewed the client’s data protection environment and proposed migrating to a Rubrik CDM solution. Rubrik is an all-in-one protection appliance that combines software and hardware, standing as a true scale-out distributed solution for modern data protection. Subsequently, CMC was also able to integrate existing AIX backups with Rubrik using custom pre- and post-processing scripts to allow for quiesced data.


With our help, the client was able to decommission their legacy backup software and migrate their data protection to Rubrik. Protection is assigned by SLA Domains in Rubrik, making it easy for them to create custom SLA’s that meet the needs of their business while ensuring backups are being taken as configured.

The introduction of Rubrik provided a significant reduction in the administrative workload for the client’s IT staff compared to the legacy products. With the ability to archive to the cloud, the client was able to simplify their long-term data retention strategy and concurrently take advantage of the public cloud’s cost efficiencies.


Feature 1

Use Rubrik as Software
Data Protection

Feature 2

Reduce Administrative Workload on IT

Feature 3

Simplifies Long-Term Data Retention Strategy

“Rubrik is a ‘set it and forget it’ solution – once we add a system to the SLA policy
we rarely have to touch it again. Our team gets notified if there is an issue but beyond that
Rubrik manages the data lifecycle for us and ensures we have successful backups and
can quickly restore business operations if needed.

Steve Baxter

VP, Chief Information Officer

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