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CooperVision is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of soft contact lenses and related products and services. Their products are sold in over 100 countries around the world.

Problem: Rising Costs and Static Backups

CooperVision was using Dell EMC Networker and Data Domain deployed at primary sites in hub and spoke design, and Veeam for smaller remote offices. HW and SW maintenance costs were increasing every year, and the solution was difficult to manage and support, and did not provide modern capabilities like native VM backups, and archiving to the cloud.

– Low backup success rate for remote site replication
– Complex hardware and software solution
– Multiple products
– Interoperability and version concerns
– Complex upgrade path
– Difficult to patch and maintain
– Limited reporting capabilities
– Limited number of test restores are executed
– Redundant backups (image/file)
– Lack of self-service capabilities
– Lack of local restore capabilities at remote sites

Solutions: Rubrik and Managed Backup Services

CMC kicked off the process by performing a Data Protection Assessment where we reviewed the current state of data protection including the architecture and design, monthly operating costs, shortcomings, and challenges.

From this report we were able to propose a modern solution based on the Rubrik Cloud Data Management platform to replace and consolidate the legacy solutions.

On top of this, CMC also proposed a Managed Backup Service to CooperVision which is a customized managed service offering that monitors, manages, and optimizes on-premises data protection solutions.

A summary of the top-line services we performed and continue to perform for CooperVision:

– Provide 24×7 remote monitoring, management, and administration of backup operations during stated
– Support Window.
– Achieve at least a 95% backup success rate for Managed Clients.
– Provide 7×24, two (2) hour response for Priority 1 restore requests, twelve (12) hours for Priority 2 requests, and twenty-four (24) hours for Client Configuration Changes.
– Configure new Managed Clients, modify existing Clients, and decommission Clients as requested.
– Quarterly restore verification of 5% of Managed Clients


Rubrik Solution

With Rubrik, CooperVision was able to streamline and simplify their data protection operations, provide native VM backups with high performance ingest, offer accelerated recovery with Live Mount capability, protect against ransomware with immutable backups, and archive to the cloud for increased operational efficiency and reduced costs

MBS Solution

With CMC’s MBS offering, CooperVision was able to significantly increase their backup success rate from approx. 82% >95%, offer 24×7 monitoring of global data protection operations, provide quicker recovery backed by SLA’s, and rest easy at night knowing their data is protected. CMC was also able to integrate their ticketing system with CooperVision’s ServiceNow ITSM platform for a simplified request workflow.

Our costs were going up every year with our legacy backup solution, and it struggled to meet our growing requirements. The Rubrik solution is simple, effective, and allows CooperVision to continue to grow as a leading provider of contact lens and be confident our data is protected and secure.

Aaron Green

Senior Director of Global IT Services

CMC’s Managed Backup Services provides us 24×7 access to a seasoned and experienced support team that understands our environment and are ready at a moment’s notice when needed. Outsourcing our backups to CMC frees my team to focus on strategic priorities and allows me to rest easy at night knowing our data is protected.

Paul Gell

Senior Manager Data Center & Collaboration Technologies

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